1. Allocate Budget to Accounts
    1. Establish Allocation Method
    2. Allocate to Account Group/Region
    3. Allocate to Account
  2. Create Promotion Plan
    1. ​Develop Preliminary Plan
    2. Roll-up and Adjust Plan as necessary
    3. Obtain Necessary Approvals
  3. Sell-in Promotion Plan
    1. ​Prepare for Customer Questions
    2. Present Plan to Customer
    3. Revise Plan as Needed
    4. Commit Plan
  4. Execute Promotion Plan
    1. ​Assist in Store Merchandising and Performance
    2. Monitor Retail Activities
    3. Authorize Payments
    4. Resolve Deductions
  5. Monitor/Revise Promotion Plan
    1. ​Track Actuals vs. Plan
    2. Monitor Inventory/Shipments
    3. Monitor Trade Budgets
    4. Revise Plan as Needed
  6. Evaluate Promotion Effectiveness
    1. ​Gather Promotion Results
    2. Evaluate Individual Promotion
    3. ​Document customer and event learnings
  1. Define and implement competitive pricing strategy based on business and financial objectives, market and competitive analyses, and pricing capabilities
  2. Evaluate and/or implement financial pricing model that identifies profitability impact of recommendation(s)
  3. Identify and provide guidance on complex pricing and revenue management decisions
  4. Develop Key Performance Indicators and appropriate performance metrics for revenue management
  5. Manage payment of Sales Commissions based on annual targets, monthly calculations, payments, accruals and forecastsAnalyze 
  1. Analyze current and past trends in key performance indicators including all areas of revenue, cost of sales, expenses and capital expenditures
  2. Monitor performance indicators, highlighting trends and analyzing causes of unexpected variance
  3. Supervision of Financial Analyst, if applicable
  4. Oversee and manage the continued development of Budgeting, Financial Forecasting, Operating Plan and Modeling tools
  5. Ad-Hoc Reporting and Analysis
  6. Quarterly and Monthly Financial reports
  7. When necessary, implement and work with a Business Intelligence Tool and Dashboard reports or utilize existing infrastructure
  8. Improve performance by evaluating processes to drive efficiencies and understand ROI in marketing programs, pricing, new store rollouts as well as new projects
  9. Develop financial models and analyses to support strategic initiatives
  10. Analyze complex financial information and reports to provide accurate and timely financial recommendations to management for decision making purposes
  11. Supporting Senior Management Team and Departments heads with in-depth analysis
  12. Prepare presentations to Board of Directors and Senior Management Team

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Available Services.

 Pricing and Revenue Analysis
Full process or individual components supported

 Financial Planning and Analysis
Full process or individual components supported

 Trade Promotion Management
Full process or individual components supported
Based on a six-step process